We provide a highly effective search program for professionals who typically earn about $150,000 or more annually. A sizable percentage of the job openings at this level are not published or advertised. Not all organizations advertise their executive suite positions. We have the means of accessing many of these (as well as published) opportunities. 


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 3% of the workforce population earns more than 175k annually. Less than 20% of all professional and executive roles that offer an annual compensation of $150,000 or more are advertised.


Many of our clients could manage to get an offer without our help. But would it be the best possible offer? Providing the most compensation, bonus structure and benefits? In the place most preferred geographically? With a corporate culture that best matches one’s mindset and sensibilities? That’s another kettle of fish, to be sure!


We know the marketplace. We understand our product and who constitutes the competition. The average job seeker does not have the benefit of knowing what the competition looks like. We do - so we can craft a superior strategy.


No other form of high-level job search can provide you greater exposure to unpublished opportunities – and the tools with which to make the most of them. We're full service; we even make contact with the targeted companies on your behalf. Many of our C-suite and senior-level executive clients had historically been pursued by retained executive recruiters and easily segued from one role to the next. But for whatever reason (which we can typically ascertain), they've not recently been getting offers up to their hard-earned standards. They’ve now come to believe that, in order to embrace the current online job search strategies, they must spend endless hours responding to postings on job boards. They don’t realize that perhaps only 5% of them will land jobs that way. They’re kidding themselves into thinking they’re hard at work looking for a job, when the majority of their effort consists of perusing job board postings and hitting the resume “send” button. Next Level has far more effective methodologies. Our design is to provide you the best pay in the most rewarding circumstance possible.


You owe it to yourself to have a free telephone consultation – if for no other reason, than to learn what kind of help increasing numbers of your competition are getting. You'll inevitably glean some understanding that will prove helpful to your search (even if that’s ultimately without us), such as: Avenues into the Unpublished Market you may not have considered and/or Commonplace Counterproductive Methodologies (you may unwittingly be engaged in) -- plus a Free Critique of Your Resume.


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