Does Next Level strictly work with only C-level executives?
No. Though we are uncommonly capable of helping C-Suite executives, we are likewise expert in helping to propel the careers of those currently at these levels:

President, Division President, Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, General Manager, Director, Senior Manager, Portfolio Manager, Project Director, Senior Engineer and Self-Employed Company Owners.

While our driving passion is to be instrumental in helping our clients achieve the "Next Level" of success, we are pragmatic-enough when necessary to concede that in some cases a lateral move makes sufficient sense (especially in cases where our client has been unemployed for a long period before hiring us; our gainfully employed clients understandably have more latitude to hold out for higher-rung position).
What is this “unpublished” and “hidden” job market?
Jobs created to accommodate specific candidates, once they’ve connected with and had dialog with companies’ hiring decision makers.

Existing positions in which an incumbent is replaced when someone better comes along

An open slot, waiting to be filled, that isn’t advertised outside the company. Only internal people know about it

Jobs that, for whatever reason, are not advertised or visible, and can only be uncovered and accessed through networking

Your ideal job for may never be posted anywhere. It may only exist in the unpublished job market. We can help you land it!
My ex-employer is providing an outplacement service. Why not just use that?
Outplacement firms are what we refer to as a "set-up" service. They assist with resumes and cover letters, and other such materials. As far as personal attention, it’s more likely that employees will be sent to a group outplacement lecture where the counselor addresses the key points of a job search in a way that’s general enough to include everyone but isn’t very beneficial to specific individuals. However, after these services are rendered, it is up to the executive to run their own search. Unfortunately, the vast majority of today’s abbreviated and streamlined outplacement programs are unable to provide the customized, nuanced coaching and proactive search participation their departing executives often require. To put it simply, while these services prepare you for your search, we run your search from front to back.
Why not just use recruiters?
Recruiters don’t work for you. They work for the company that hired them. They are given a hyper-specific checklist of requirements – and only those whose experience matches up exactly will get any traction with them. Even then, it’s of little-to-no consequence who lands the job, so long as it’s someone they can lay claim to representing. Often times these firms will shoe-horn an executive into a role with a company just to collect a commission. They have no stake in assuring that the position is a quality, long-term fit for the executive.

Suppose it’s a very close call between hiring a candidate tied to a recruiter versus the Next Level client. The hiring company knows they’ll have to pay the recruiter-tied candidate the same as the Next Level client -- but they’ll have to tack on an extra 25% for the recruiter in the former case. So, if they’ve got a sufficiently qualified candidate who isn’t tied to a recruiter (the Next Level client), you can logically guess who they’ll end up hiring.

For industry-agnostic individuals, or individuals who are looking to change industries, you will not likely succeed through a recruiter. They overwhelmingly push candidates with directly related experience -- not career changers.

If they actually manage to succeed in landing you a position, they'd be unlikely to ever reach back again with something better, for fear of wrecking their relationship with that company. Informing you about the better opportunity elsewhere could cost them that client. You're better off with a search plan unencumbered by such concerns - where the business model focuses on you (in particular) landing the plum job.

This is not to say recruiters can never be of use, of course. But to solely rely on this approach (especially at the higher-levels of career search) is inadvisable and too often disappointing. As part of our service, we market our clients through a lot of high-level recruiters and executive placement firms – because it pays to be strategically comprehensive.
Does Next Level charge a fee?
Yes. Bear in mind: We are never paid by the hiring company. We never receive any percentage of anyone’s salary. We are strictly paid a fee by our client, the job seeker – either in the initial stages of our program or through our interest free financing option. We provide a far more substantial amount of effort and resources than one typically receives through the cookie-cutter, treat-you-like-a-number approach of the employer-paid methods. We will advise you on ways that you could potentially have the fee reimbursed by your new employer.

If you're a company looking to hire someone, you are looking for people who are exceptional -- who've taken steps to ensure they are perceived and appreciated as such, with skin in the game, who've demonstrated through their actions that they are not wasting time.

You get what you paid for. Being treated like a number may cost nothing (though even in a best-case scenario, it could cost a sizable slice of your first year’s salary). Your time is a precious commodity. To waste or misapply it can cost you. Needlessly prolonging your unemployed status can leave a lingering stain on your work history. You'll never be invoiced for sacrificing your time and talent at a job that isn't a good fit -- but it costs you, nonetheless.
Does Next Level accept every candidate that’s willing to pay its fee?
No. In cases wherein we determine there is not a great-enough likelihood of success, we sometimes decline to accept a given candidate into our program. Which also means that if we contact you to offer our services, we have done an extensive amount of due diligence to determine that not only you are a good fit for us, but that the current job market is ripe for you as an individual; Quite frankly, we only offer our services to executives that we are 100% sure we can place.
Does Next Level require exclusivity?
Unlike some search methodologies, we do not mandate that our clients use our process to the exclusion of any other methods. If, by some chance, our client lands a position through some other means, we immediately freeze our 2-year agreement, so if our client needs to search again, they may return to us at any time. We’ll resume the 24-month contract where it left off and redo our entire process for our client at no additional cost.
What industries does Next Level work with?
Health Care/Medical/Hospital
Digital Marketing/E-Commerce
​Financial Services
Design & Engineering
Energy/oil and gas/renewable energy
Resources & Infrastructure
Government Contracting
Consumer Packaged Goods
Aerospace & Aviation
Professional Services
Food & Beverage
Restaurant Chains
Commercial Real Estate
Supply Chain/Logistics
Plus many more
Highly effective search program

Additional Info

We provide a highly effective search program for professionals who typically earn about $150,000 or more annually. A sizable percentage of the job openings at this level are not published or advertised. Not all organizations advertise their executive suite positions. We have the means of accessing many of these (as well as published) opportunities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 3% of the workforce population earns more than 175k annually. Less than 20% of all professional and executive roles that offer an annual compensation of $150,000 or more are advertised.

​Many of our clients could manage to get an offer without our help. But would it be the best possible offer? Providing the most compensation, bonus structure and benefits? In the place most preferred geographically? With a corporate culture that best matches one’s mindset and sensibilities. That’s another kettle of fish, to be sure!

​​We know the marketplace. We understand our product and who constitutes the competition. The average job seeker does not have the benefit of knowing what the competition looks like. We do – so we can craft a superior strategy.​

No other form of high-level job search can provide you greater exposure to unpublished opportunities – and the tools with which to make the most of them. We’re full service; we even make contact with the targeted companies on your behalf. Many of our C-suite and senior-level executive clients had historically been pursued by retained executive recruiters and easily segued from one role to the next. But for whatever reason (which we can typically ascertain), they’ve not recently been getting offers up to their hard-earned standards. They’ve now come to believe that, in order to embrace the current online job search strategies, they must spend endless hours responding to postings on job boards. They don’t realize that perhaps only 5% of them will land jobs that way. They’re kidding themselves into thinking they’re hard at work looking for a job, when the majority of their effort consists of perusing job board postings and hitting the resume “send” button. NEXT LEVEL has far more effective methodologies. Our design is to provide you the best pay in the most rewarding circumstance possible.

You owe it to yourself to have a free telephone consultation – if for no other reason, than to learn what kind of help increasing numbers of your competition are getting. You’ll inevitably glean some understanding that will prove helpful to your search (even if that’s ultimately without us), such as: Avenues into the unpublished market you may not have considered and/or commonplace counterproductive methodologies (you may unwittingly be engaged in) — plus a free critique of your resume.