Scheduling Scouts           

Most prospective clients are referred to us by our existing client base. (Such are the rewards of a consistently beneficial service shared by word of mouth). The bulk of the rest call-out for help through our web site.


Still others are welcomed by our Scheduling Scouts, trained to spot and escort Career Ladder Climbers matching our criteria. They provide a Telephonic Cup of Cocoa, intended  to warm you up before commencing the climb.


They’ll briefly explain our services while gathering from you and your profile what you’re looking for and why. They’ll note your current employment circumstances and gauge how seriously you’re scouting.


They’re making some distinctions between those hard-charging to the peak, those happy to trek more horizontally across the terrain and those urgently in need of a harness, lest they (momentarily) fall off the mountain.


​​If it’s mutually agreeable enough, they’ll invite you to a free telephone consultation with one of our Career Elevation Executives, higher up the slope.

Career Elevation Executives  


Now the air’s a bit thinner so everyone’s choosing their words more carefully.


Our Career Elevation Executives have considerable experience in both the employee-paid and employer-paid sides of the search industry – so you’ll get some very comprehensive perspective on how to move up in your career (or at the very least, how to avoid sliding downward).


They’ll review your CV and consider it in the context of the notes our Scheduling Scout’s provided. They’ll explain more thoroughly the various aspects of the Next Level trek – what you can reasonably expect to encounter and when. They’ll get a sense of your strong suits and where you may need improvement – as well as your overall suitability for the program. Such behavioral traits as follow-through, confidence and cordiality typically make for suitable (and successful) climbing partners. From this perch you're just one step away from our Summit Consultants, with whom you may also converse.

        Summit Consultants        

With generations of experience helping accomplished professionals regain their footing, our Summit Consultants provide a valuable sounding board and productive feedback in the course of their consultative mentoring. They’ll spend quality time with you for an extended number of sessions, helping to guide your steps. Every aspect of your entire career will be examined -- your skills, knowledge, experience, accomplishments and aspirations will be painstakingly distilled and then cogently conveyed to our Scribes.



Our Scribes are well schooled in how to craft an attention-getting resume that distinguishes our client from all the competition (which Next Level has seen). A compelling Executive Profile that’s not dependent upon tired buzzwords -- yet judiciously stocked with optimal key words – is the hallmark of their work product. It’s expertly calibrated to resonate and reverberate with those in a position to hire you.

          Marketing Planners         


Our Marketing Planners carefully map-out a calculated course-of-action for you and initiate contact on your behalf with many targeted companies. They'll work very closely with you to arrive at a mutually-agreed upon modus operandi. They will refine, update, broaden and repeat these skillfully-executed campaigns on a continuing basis.

Our Marketing Planners and Scribes will have you prepped, primed and ready -- with a backpack-full of Interview Techniques, Behavioral Tips, Salary Negotiation Skills and other useful strategies – so that when you head up to meet the Decision Makers, they’ll already be predisposed to having you on board. Our Marketing Planners and Scribes make sure your name echoes throughout the canyons -- and is heard (and heeded) by those on high. Next Level’s relationships with well-placed Hiring Folk span far and wide. 

A good number of our former clients are currently in hiring (or hiring-adjacent) roles themselves -- and they know first-hand the value of hiring solid candidates for free.

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