Our Mentors Provide Expert Career Analysis & Guidance
Duration: Approximately 2 weeks
Mentor Sessions

Next Level’s mentors conduct thorough interviews and consultations with you – gaining a substantive understanding of your skills, know-how and achievements. They help hone the most compelling way to communicate your value proposition to prospective employers. They help determine which areas warrant the most focus, refining and leveraging. Getting this part right can prove vital in securing highly sought-after positions. Where applicable and/or desired, they may examine the potential viability of alternate career paths that you may not have considered.

Our mentors examine your entire career, from the very beginning, every detail. They compile extensive notes and discover value propositions for everything you’ve done. Extensive time is spent skillfully fleshing-out each multidimensional professional. The Mentor will work very closely with you to arrive at a mutually agreed upon modus operandi.

Next Level’s mentors are intuitive, intelligent and extremely well practiced communicators. They’ve absorbed a solid understanding of many different fields and corporate roles. They’re compassionate and patient and always eager to better learn what makes you tick. They’re attentively processing it all, providing useful feedback and ultimately relaying the resultant info/insights to the writer assigned to craft your Career Profile.

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