Our Skilled Writers Craft Your Marketing Materials
Duration: Approximately 2 weeks
Professional Profile Creation

We have professional writers on staff who develop your marketing literature. This is not merely a traditional resume. You, the person behind the resume, emerge front-and-center. Our writers expertly differentiate you from the masses. It’s written in language that really gets attention.

With Next Level, you’re getting the benefit an uncommonly valuable perspective: because we get to see all the competition at this level – and that can’t help but yield some useful insights as to what consistently gets one profile more attention than others. Without this level of craftsmanship applied to your career profile, the targeted company will more likely make the “safe hire”; someone with more current or specific industry experience, perhaps someone with better education/training/certification — or perhaps someone who merely did a better job of branding and promoting themselves.

Imagine you are the hiring party. Wouldn’t you be most responsive to those who’ve taken steps to ensure they’re perceived and appreciated as exceptional? You’d more likely select proactive professionals with skin in the game, who’ve demonstrated through their actions that they are not wasting time.

Our writers discern and correct the less-effective aspects of your resume, developing a far more substantive picture of your professional capacity. They package you in a distinctly powerful way that gets positive results.

We give our clients something to say — and we get them in front of the right people to say it to.

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