Comprehensive Marketing Program
Duration: The initial launch takes place after the previous steps are completed. If necessary, Next Level will repeat the marketing process for up to two years, at no additional charge.
Targeted Marketing

Our marketing planners carefully map-out a calculated course-of-action for you and initiate contact on your behalf with many targeted companies. They will refine, update, broaden and repeat these skillfully executed campaigns on a continuing basis.

Our own CEO will have you prepped, primed and ready — with a backpack-full of interview techniques, behavioral tips, salary negotiation skills and other useful strategies – so that when you head up to meet the decision makers, they’ll already be predisposed to having you on board. Our marketing planners and writers make sure your name and profile resonate favorably in the minds of hiring personnel. Next Level’s relationships with well-placed hiring personnel span far and wide.

These companies and hiring personnel use Next Level instead of others because:

1. They know we’ve spent 30 days fine-tuning and focusing our clients on what they’re truly looking for and placing value upon. Our clients arrive expertly pre-screened. Through our unique process, we’re able to present hiring companies with a steady stream of talent, ability — and sometimes even genius.

2. Hiring personnel have grown weary of recruiter tactics and reading the same resumes. They welcome our distinct approach and assistance.​

3. They’re introduced to our clients for free. Next Level never collects any fee from the companies that hire our clients. When it comes down to very close call between our client and someone else, they’d have to pay a fee to hire, they typically choose the candidate kindest to their bottom line.​

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