Next Level’s Summit Consultants conduct thorough interviews and consultations with you - gaining a substantive understanding of your skills, know-how and achievements. They help hone the most compelling way to communicate Your Value Proposition to prospective employers. They help determine which areas warrant the most focus, refining and leveraging. Getting this part right can prove vital in securing highly sought-after positions. Where applicable and/or desired, they may examine the potential viability of alternate career paths that you may not have considered.


Our Summit Consultants examine your entire career, from the very beginning; every detail. They compile extensive notes and discover value propositions for everything you've done. Extensive time is spent skillfully fleshing-out each multidimensional professional.


Next Level’s Summit Consultants are intuitive, intelligent and extremely well practiced communicators. They've absorbed a solid understanding of many different fields and corporate roles. They're compassionate and patient and always eager to better learn what makes you tick. They're attentively processing it all, providing useful feedback and ultimately relaying the resultant info/insights to the Scribe assigned to write your Career Profile. 

We have professional writers (contracted by our company) who develop your marketing literature. This is not merely a traditional resume. You, the person behind the resume, emerge front-and-center. Our Scribes expertly differentiate you from the masses. It’s written in language that really gets attention.


With Next Level, you’re getting the benefit an uncommonly valuable perspective: because we get to see all the competition at this level – and that can’t help but yield some useful insights as to what consistently gets one profile more attention than others. Without this level of craftsmanship applied to your Career Profile, the targeted company will more likely make the “safe hire”; someone with more current or specific industry experience, perhaps someone with better education/training/certification -- or perhaps someone who merely did a better job of branding and promoting themselves.


Imagine you are the hiring party. Wouldn’t you be most responsive to those who’ve taken steps to ensure they’re perceived and appreciated as exceptional? You’d more likely select proactive professionals with skin in the game, who’ve demonstrated through their actions that they are not wasting time. 


Our Scribes discern and correct the less-effective aspects of your resume, developing a far more substantive picture of your professional capacity. They package you in a distinctly powerful way that gets positive results.


Next we start the Marketing Program. Our Marketing Planners are monitoring the job market, deepening and expanding their relationships with hiring personnel, generating leads and getting you noticed. We have many friends and contacts throughout a wide array of industries -- plus proprietary methods of sourcing additional organizations open to considering our candidates.

Next Level doesn’t tell you where to send your Executive Profile once we’ve created it. We don’t object if you utilize it to search on your own. Many of our clients are still employed and they simply don't have the time or ability to conduct an effective career search. While our process is certainly exclusive, it does not demand exclusivity in terms of our clients’ chosen modes of search. But take comfort in knowing we can achieve in a month what would probably take you more like a year!


Our Marketing Planners submit your marketing literature to many worthwhile opportunities. This is not just posting to job boards, but rather a comprehensive approach to get you maximum exposure. We skillfully market your key attributes. 


We strategically target opportunities based on industry, job function, geography and the compensation range in which you're looking. We also reach out to high-level recruiters, headhunters and retained search firms -- as well as specific companies that have  published or unpublished openings. We do this by mail, email and/or phone, generating valuable leads that go directly back to you. We maintain a very high success rate.  


The companies with which we work are willing to review our clients' capabilities and accomplishments. They know we provide them a higher-level candidate than they typically find elsewhere. What further motivates hiring parties to choose our clients is that they are pre-screened and available to them free of charge. They don’t have to pay any kind of fee to anyone to secure them. HR departments have bottom lines, too – so when it’s a very close decision, our client has that advantage. No one takes any percentage of our client's first-year salary once they’re hired.

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