What our clients say about us

Rodrigo H.
New Paltz, NY
Elliott G.
Atlanta, GA
Bernice L.
Tampa, FL
Bobbi A.
Oak Lawn, IL

I was a VP of Engineering for Verizon before being laid off.

I went on a lot of interviews and made it to the 2nd or 3rd round four or five times. But I never got any offers. I got a call from one of NEXT LEVEL's schedulers. I spoke to nice gal who told me a good amount about their program. She was very forthright about their fee structure (which I appreciated because some other paid search companies tried to dance around that issue for way too long). I was scheduled to speak with one of NEXT LEVEL's higher-ups, who impressed me with his understanding of the executive hiring process. I wound up in agreement with him about some of my resume’s shortcomings. I was happily surprised to learn some of the ways they get access to unpublished job openings. Even if I hadn’t hired them in February, I would have been satisfied with some of the important things I picked up just during the initial discussion – ways I’d been short-selling myself without even realizing it. This was nowhere near as high-pressure a sales call as I had been bracing for. They even offered me a free trial period so I could get a better feel for their program before having to decide. I had a couple of sessions with one of their Summit Consultants, who seemed to have a real grasp for how to minimize my weaknesses and maximize my strengths. I liked what I learned about smart ways to negotiate compensation. So, I hired them. Within 60 days, they helped me land a very good role that paid more than I'd ever earned previously. Since then, I've recommended them to some of my colleagues.

I’m a VP of Sales and Marketing executive with an extensive background in selling lighting devices for a variety of applications.

After 15 years with a good company, a series of mergers and acquisitions threatened my job security. I was referred by a friend to NEXT LEVEL. I was intrigued by what an alternate approach might yield. I messaged them and was contacted by one of their Scheduling Scouts. This woman gathered some info from me about what I was looking for and what methods I’d been using, etc. She set up an appointment for me to speak with one of their Career Elevation Executives. I liked what I learned during the free consultation. Best of all, they offered me a free trial period. I was impressed with how that went, so then I made the leap and hired them. After spending a significant amount of time gathering info, they wrote a much better Executive Profile than I had before. They started marketing me on a big scale. It included a lot of exposure to venture capital firms and private equity groups. This led to a series of interviews with a start-up in my field that’s well funded and staffed by people who appreciate my knowledge and work ethic. I’ve been with the new company three months now and I’m quite happy so far.

I spoke to NEXT LEVEL a while back.

I was close to joining up but ultimately did not. There was a possible offer looming that I really wanted, and I didn’t want to pay for help and then discover I had a great offer 2 weeks later. They were real patient with me as I took longer than most probably do to make my decision. I never wound up getting that offer I was holding out for and started working at something a bit below my pay grade for a relative. It was mostly just to keep my resume from having a bigger gap on it than it did already. When I decided to pass on NEXT LEVEL, they told me they keep at-the-ready all the resumes of people they’ve had these consultations with. They said there are occasions when they find out about quality job openings that none of their clients are right for or interested in or able to accept based on location or the pay amount offered or whatever. They told me that sometimes in these situations cases they reach back through their data system to see if it could be a good match for someone they’ve had a past consultation with. They said though they never get paid by the companies they network with, they like to keep their relationships with these companies on the best possible terms. They strive to be as helpful to them as they can be. And part of that is sometimes doing them -- and some of their past prospects -- a solid favor. Still, I was not really expecting to ever hear back from NEXT LEVEL. But they did re-contact me recently and put me in touch with a pharmaceutical firm in my area looking to fill a Sales Director spot. Several interviews later I got the offer. It’s a bit of a drive but it's a way better job than the one I had been working for my cousin’s company. Mind you, they didn’t give me a free search process, they didn’t redo my resume or coach me in any way – they just did me and that pharma outfit in their network a huge favor by helping us connect. Since then I've referred a few people to them and at least one of them became a client.

After being with a company I had been working for over 20 yrs I found the owners did not really want to grow the company anymore.

I am a 57 yr old CMO looking to go out really strong, but not for about another 15 years. I do not want to sit in a dead-end job doing nothing to grow the company or my self-worth. So I felt it was time to part ways. I have been looking for more than six months for a good enough role. I wanted this next job to be my going out with a bang job. After six months of searching, I could not find it. Then a rep from NEXT LEVEL called and introduced me to the program. Their representative called out of the blue and was very interested in hearing my needs and wants for my future CMO position. I was able to speak to several representatives before I decided to hire NEXT LEVEL. Everything they said they would do for me, they did -- and in a timely manner. I'm glad I was open to hearing about something totally different and out of the box compared to the search methods I'd been using. Thank you, everybody at NEXT LEVEL!